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Gold Price

Current Gold Price

Traditionally the price of gold is always anounced in ounces (oz / 31.1 gram). The gold price given below in Euro is divided by one ounce in order to get the price of one single gram of gold. The gold price for one gram is the basis of the value estimation of your jewelry. How you can calculate the value of your gold by yourself at home is easy if you follow the examples given here.

Gold Price History

The interactive graph below lets you browse historic gold prices data and follow the past trends. The graph shows the price for one fine ounce gold (31.1 grams). We can show you the historical price development, however, forecasts for the future and upcoming trends would be speculation. It is like dealing with stocks: One says the stock price will fall, the other says it will rise. One is right today, the other tomorrow. Future forecasts are speculation.

Historical Gold Chart by