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Selling Jewelry Würzburg

Selling Jewelry in Würzburg

You live in the beautiful city Würzburg and would like to sell gold, jewelry or diamonds? We make you an attractive offer based on current market data. The basis for fair trade in jewelry is our free appraisal of your diamond jewelry that you want to sell

At eye-level with our customers.

We explain how prices are made for selling jewelry in Würzburg and answer all questions. We are proud to be place our services at your disposal even if you just want to hear a second opinion on any matter. Feel free to contact us with any expert questions on diamonds or diamond jewelry.

Important questions

  1. When should I sell gold or jewelry?
  2. Should I get a certificate or appraisal for my diamond ring or other piece of jewelry?
  3. Do I need a diamond certificate to get an honest opinion and objective quality assessment?
  4. How to calculate the value of gold?
  5. What is the market price of my jewelry?

1. When should I sell gold or jewelry?

The price of gold you find here. However, in fact it is more important whether or not you are still wearing your jewelry. Often it is good to find out the current market price of your old jewelry just to have a feeling for it´s value. Many clients also need this information to divide an estate or inheritance in a way that is fair for everyone involved. Your way to selling gold in Würzburg pays off: Our expertise for diamonds is your great advantage. As diamond graders and gemologists and connected to international diamond exchanges we gladly are at your disposal for free consulation and value estimations.


2. Should I get a certificate or appraisal for my diamond ring or other piece of jewelry?

Most important when selling jewelry is knowing what you have. Especially for older pieces of jewelry or gifts that usually come without a bill a quality assurance or price estimation based on current market data could come in handy. However, the expenses and efforts for getting a certificate or a realistic market price should be in line with the actual value of the jewelry: A diamond that has a market value of 1,000 Euros does not necessarily need certification by one of the big international gemology institutes which would cost already a few hundred Euros. Also, have many Jewellers or Goldsmiths do you want to visit and ask if they want to buy your diamond or ring? It highly depends on what you have. Therefore, talking to a specialist upfront will make it easy for you and often turns out to be the most efficient approach to selling jewelry.

Another important side note for getting appraisals: Usually value estimations are based on the replacement value. Yet, this value estimation is usually not what you would be able to achieve for second hand jewelry. It is the price it would cost in a retail store to buy something similar. How much you can yield when you intend to selling the diamond ring highly depends on its time value, making and fashion and if it would be likely to resell. Customized jewelry for example tends to be difficult to be resold. At the end of the day any item is worth exactly as much as someone else is willing to give for it. Our advice: Find out what you have and compare prices.

3. Do I need a diamond certificate to get an honest opinion and objective quality assessment?

Selling diamonds is a lot like selling jewelry. But there are two main differences: Diamonds don´t get old. And you can sell diamonds in the international market. es sich ähnlich wie bei Schmuck was den Verkauf angeht. Allerdings gibt es zwei Unterschiede: Diamanten werden nicht alt. Und man kann Diamanten im Markt weltweit verkaufen. Condition, fashion, making and signs of wear doesn´t apply for diamonds. Especially larger diamonds above 0.50 cts can easily be reused in a different piece of jewelry. For smaller diamonds this is not always feasible due to the costs of re-setting, polishing and finishing in Germany. The stone itself needs to hold a certain value so it stands in relation to the costs.

While jewelry is something that is highly influenced by personal taste and needs to be seen and touched this is not necessarily true for diamonds. Nowadays certification is standardized and gemological laboratories work according to the same standards. Hence, you can buy diamonds according to their quality as stated in a certificate and don´t have to see them personally. That is how the international trade (and purchasing diamonds online) is possible in the first place. This makes re-selling diamonds easier than jewelry.

Selling jewelry with us is a transparent process and there are different ways to sell diamonds or jewelry. Which way suits your needs best you find out here.

4. How to calculate the value of gold?

If you want to sell jewelry in Würzburg and approach us there are no secrets. You can estimate the value of gold just like we do. How to calculate the price of gold? It is straightforward:

Usually jewelry is hallmarked with the gold alloy that was used. Gold is always used in alloys in order to make it harder and more resistant - or to give it a desired color shade as in white gold or rosé gold. Yet, the percentage of fine gold is always marked on the diamond ring or ear stud. The number 750 means that 750 out of 1,000 parts are fine gold. This is also referred to as 18K gold (18 out of 24 Karat). Likewise, 585 refers to a 58,5% ratio of fine gold (14 out of 24 Karat). 333 stands for 8 Karat and denotes 33,3% fine gold. By the way: The number 925 refers to Sterling Silver.

So how do I know the value of gold? You measure the ring or bracelet and simply calculate the amount of fine gold in grams according to the hallmark. Then you use the gold price as an indicator for the value of gold of the individual pieces. This serves as an estimation because the gold price at the stock exchange is a spot rate that does not equal what you might be able to yield when selling it. When selling gold you need to pay the fees for precious metals refinery as well as the profit for the individual profit margin for the jewelry buying entity. Therefore, the gold spot rate is a good orientation figure, however, nobody can buy or sell at that rate.

5. What is the market price of my jewelry?

Like already shown above the market value of jewelry is not the replacement value that is given by most jewelry value appraisals. The market value is what you are actually able to yield on the market when you try to sell your diamond ring. You need to find a buyer - this is what counts.

"Nowadays people know the price of everything, but the value of nothing."
  Oscar Wilde

You now know how to calculate the gold value of your jewelry and get the approximate material value. Especially when it comes to diamonds we can always give you current market insights and tell you what a comparable stone would cost in the market at the moment. If your diamond ring, diamond bracelet or diamond collier are still in a suitable condition and ready to be re-sold needs to be evaluated individually when our experts examine the jewelry. Depending on the resale-value one might pay more than the mere material value. This is the case if a diamond ring comes in timeless designs and popular sizes which makes selling it easier. Long story short: We always recommend to get a second opinion. Feel free to contact us directly and ask for our professional advice (free of charge of course). More on selling diamonds you find here.



Telephone: 06171 - 98 93 363

Zimmersmühlenweg 62
61440 Oberursel

How to find us

Getting to selling gold in Würzburg is easy:

Public transport (S-Bahn)
1. Take the ICE from Würzburg Hbf towards Frankfurt Hbf.
2. Then switch to the S5 in direction Friedrichsdorf/Bad Homburg.
3. At "Oberursel-Stierstadt" get off the train and walk towards the street - you are already on Zimmersmühlenweg.
4. Turn left and walk about 3 minutes (passing the supermarkt on your right) until number 62. You will recognize the building when you see the retail shoe store upfront. The entrance to the office is located behind the building.

Get an appointment  in our office.

Arrival by car
1. Driving from Würzburg via Autobahn A3 towards Frankfurt
2. Taking A661 you get directly to Oberursel and into the southern industrial area (only one way to get there) to Zimmersmühlenweg.
3. You will recognize the building when you see the retail shoe store upfront. Passing the building on the right you can drive up the ramp behind the house right into the parking lot and park for free at the slots 101 and 102.