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Solitaire Diamond Ring

The classic engagement ring is the solitaire ring that puts the emphasis on one diamond alone:

4 prong solitaire ring

6 prong solitaire ring

Custom production

Solitaire rings in all variations

The solitaire ring is designed to showcase exactly one diamond that catches all the attention. This symbolizes the uniqueness of the other person just like each diamond itself is a unique gift of nature that waited billions of years in the ground just to be cut and polished and end up in the perfect fit engagement ring. The design of solitaire settings comes in different variations where the round brilliant is held by 4, 5 or 6 prongs. A bezel setting is another option where the stone is put into a complete gold setting that surrounds the diamond.

Solitaire ring 4 prongs

One of the most popular ring designs is the 4 prong setting. This ring model shows the round brilliant also from the side. In terms of brilliance this does not really matter, however, the optical effect of the diamond being more exposed than with all other settings does add some emphasis on the stone. Brilliance is the light that falls into the diamond from above and is reflected by the properly aligned facets to be thrown back to the eye of the spectator. Light coming from the sides does not add brilliance. However, many love this design as it allows to have a better look on the diamond from all sides. Good to know: 4 prongs do hold the diamond just as well as 6 prongs.

One of the most popular engagement rings is our diamond ring Munich with 4 prongs:

Solitaire ring 6 prongs

This might be the number one classic engagement ring – the 6 prong diamond ring in white gold. The design produces an optical effect with the symmetric assembly of its 6 prongs that emphasizes the shape of a round brilliant. This popular ring setting was the fitting choice for many that wanted to buy an engagement ring 40 years ago, it will be the perfect fit for many to even in 40 years from now.

We produce each diamond ring according to your wish – fitting the right ring size as well as the matching diamond size. The engagement ring Oberursel is available in 18K white gold, yellow gold or rosé gold.   Please note: The images show examples of the engagement ring 1 ct. in diamond weight. That means the round brilliant weights 1 carat and has a diameter of approximately 6.5 mm.

Custom Production

You are looking for a specific diamond ring with a solitaire setting? You came to the right place. You can choose a diamond from the international market (more on this) or buy just the setting. We customize it according to your requirements and have the diamond set by the goldsmith. All from one source.

- available in white gold, yellow gold or rosé gold
- laser engraving of the 18-karat gold alloy (K18) as well as the exact diamond weight
- different variations

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