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About us

The Diamond Agency

Diamant Agentur GmbH (“Diamond Agency”) is your partner when it comes to diamonds. We help you if you want to

  • find expert information on diamonds
  • buy or sell diamonds
  • are looking for exclusive diamond jewelry
  • get a short-term pawn loan
  • order a certificate for diamonds or jewelry

We gladly share our expertise with you. On our website we try to cater both needs: Explain what one needs to know before buying a diamond as well as an in depth education center for those who have more time and like to read about the different fascinating aspects in the world of diamonds.

If you are looking for that one perfect diamond for your loved one, have a question about a specific diamond or its qualities, need written certification for your jewelry or otherwise – do not hesitate to contact us. We shall gladly assist you – and in case we would not be able to, we will certainly point you in the right direction of where you will find what you are looking for.

Last but not least is a trading hub where diamond lovers find access to thousands of diamonds worldwide as well as exclusive jewelry of timeless beauty. Take your time and enjoy exploring the world of diamonds at

We are the ones to talk to about that special wish you have had for so long...

What makes Diamant Agentur unique?

  • Gemological center of expertise with focus on diamonds
  • Direct access to the international diamond trade (no middlemen)
  • Very attractive pricing that retail stores cannot compete with
  • Timeless jewelry with materials of the highest quality only
  • Excellent that sets a new standard, thorough advice to make a profound buying decision. We believe in the informed customer. There are no sales agents on the telephone but diamond experts from within the industry
  • Certification for appraisal, inheritance tax or insurance
  • Private pawn shop services: Pawn loans on diamonds and jewelry

How come I get more diamond for my money at Diamond Agency?

The developments in recent years in the German retail market as well as in the international diamond trade go hand in hand and represent no less than seismic shift in the industry. New technologies make the market move closer together, more efficient and more transparent at the same time. Traditional ways of doing business are challenged with interesting, trend-setting consequences:

For the retail market this leads to better informed consumers and a closing gap of information on account of online available knowledge and prices. It is easy to compare and gain better understanding before making any purchase decision. Especially when investing in more expensive goods people tend to do thorough research beforehand.

But this information equality means much more: Instead of having to trust the traditional jeweler the client is able to ask more educated critical question about the product he wants to buy. And here comes certification into play: Today independent international gemological institutes certify most diamonds to have a third party evaluation of quality. This certification usually exceeds the possibilities the traditional jeweler has in store to examine the diamond. More importantly however, the certification of diamonds – driven by market forces and technological development - is getting to a standardized level that many people already see diamonds as a commodity. This in return makes certification by third party gemological institutions a prerequisite for buying the diamond in the first place. Only by third party evaluation diamonds become comparable.

The trend to online shopping has finally reached the jewelry industry. Just like in other lines of business the cost-cutting advantages make an even bigger difference in the jewelry industry. In fact, by definition one gets more diamond for his or her money:

All major cost drivers are cut short at Diamant Agentur

  • Rent in prime location
  • Insurance cost
  • Cost of capital
  • Storage cost
  • Middle men commission
  • Security cost
  • Focus on timeless product line

Our customers do not have to help us pay the rent for prime locations. Also, by ordering on demand we save on storage, capital, insurance and security cost. New technologies in the trade allow for buying diamonds directly without having to finance middle men. Last but not least Diamant Agentur believes in slim business structures and focus on timeless jewelry instead of highly customized, diverse and cost-intensive product lines. Diamant Agentur operates on two main principles:
1. Focus on what you do best.
2. Small things make the difference.

We make it simple invites you to browse our product line and education section. We provide all necessary information to help you find what you are looking for: The perfect diamond for her – or for your jewelry. Our content should inspire you and let you admire the fascinating world of diamonds. Men and nature´s unique cooperation- a diamond always needs the human factor to reveal its beauty as only the cut by a master´s hand makes the diamond sparkle and come to life. Diamond enthusiasts will agree: A diamond´s most unique feature is that it needs the cutter to awaken the gem stone´s beauty which had been hidden for millions of years.

Highest standard of service

It is our desire to make people find a buying experience unmatched by any traditional jeweler by offering a well-rounded service covering all possible needs combined with high-level expertise, an easy, straight forward website and most attractive pricing.

Diamant Agentur believes that our personal service makes the difference and our expertise convinces the informed customer. We are happy when you are thrilled.

True quality, unmatched value and timeless jewelry

Our diamonds are certified by third party, independent, international gemological institutes: GIA, IGI or HRD. (More about Certification)

As a result you always know what you are buying and do not have to rely on the opinion of a sales agent. Trust in our products is based on triple quality control: First the diamonds are examined by our trade partners and sorted according to their qualities. Then they are certified by an independent gemological institute. Upon arrival in our office the diamonds are tested one more time for their quality. For our jewelry there is even a fourth check before shipping to ensure that your precious item gets to you the way it is supposed to be: Flawless and perfect.