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Appraisal Service

Being professional gemlogists and diamond graders we issue certificates for quality assurance as well as price estimation of your diamonds and jewelry. This includes fact-finding and quality certification for selling, insurance, inheritance tax or the distribution of an estate. Maybe you just want to hear a second opinion or are curious about the nature of your jewelry - you can always ask us for advice:

We determine the

  • Replacement value
  • Value of raw materials
  • Current Market Value

Free of charge is

  • Verbal information
  • Checking your diamonds
  • Getting a second opinion on something

Get a certificate

As experienced diamond graders with access to the diamond exchanges around the globe we know how to grade your diamond or diamond jewelry. Depending on your needs we can issue a certificate for various purposes and determine the value of your goods.

Check the laser inscription

Most diamonds nowadays wear a laser inscription with the certificate number at the girdle. We help you look for it and confirm that the diamond matches the certificate. On request we can also document what we see: Our microscope has a camera.


Diamonds real or fake?

You just want to know if your jewelry or diamonds are real and not fashion jewelry? Make an appointment and visit us in our office. We gladly help out with our expertise, knowledge, experience and equipment. We test your diamonds free of charge.

Know what you have

Every diamond is unique. The different qualities, inclusions and characteristics combined create a specific, one-of-a-kind fingerprint. We confirm an existing certificate and grade your diamonds according to the 4Cs and international diamond grading standards.

Get in touch and schedule an appointment in our office. For written certification of your items as well as current retail market research in written form we charge 150,- Euro.

In case of larger and more time-consuming certification (for example an entire inheritance) the cost will be estimated and announced beforehand according to the size and quality of the diamond as well as the complexity of the jewelry.