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Buying Diamonds in a nutshell

How important is cut?

Cut has direct influence on the brilliance and fire of the diamond and therefore on its beauty. Diamant Agentur recommends to first choose a very good or excellent cut and thereafter adjust color, clarity and carat weight.
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What are the 4C?

The 4C stand for Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight. Together they form the ground for proper diamond grading since they are the most important parameters for evaluation.
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How do you grade cut?

Today proportions and measurements of diamonds are made using optical devices that create a 3D model of the diamond on the computer. Measurement inaccuracies are reduced to a minimum with technological advancements. The big picture that is formed when taking all different cut parameters into consideration makes the cut grade. As a matter of fact cut is the most complex of the 4C.
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What is polish and symmetry?

The cut grade itself is more important than polish and symmetry. However, both are relevant indicators: Polish describes the nature and quality of the diamond´s surface while symmetrie refers to a balanced symmetry of th stones structure.
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How important is fluorescence?

Since fluorescence influences the apprearance and especially the price of the stone it is an essential parameter to consider. When exposed to UV light a fluorescent diamond emits blue light. Even though fluorescence can improve the color of a diamond the market prices fluorescent stones with a discount.
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Why do I need a certificate?

Certificates are indispensable today: With further standardization in diamond grading and rising quality standards in the jewelry industry independent third-party quality assurance by gemological institutes have become a necessity. We recommend certification by GIA, HRD or IGI that have the highest grading standards and procedures. For example: Diamonds are examined anonymously and the grader will never know who the stone belongs to. Certificates also help customers in making an informed buying decision, serve as verification for insurances and last but not least allow for doubtless identification of a diamond at any time. There are no two identical diamonds. Also, most stones come with a laser inscription of the certificate number on the girdle.
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