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Value for money

Buying a beautiful diamond does not have to be expensive:

We pass on our savings due to not having to maintain a shop or a large diamond inventory. Therefore, we save also on the main cost drivers of traditional jewellers- insurance and securtiy cost. Our clients buy diamonds like jewellers - according to price and certificate. They know by not seeing the diamond in front of them beforehand they get the better price due to the savings in cost. While not having to sell our own inventory first we serve our clients rather as diamond brokers and consultants. While we maintain only office rooms and not running a shop in the middle of the city center we keep the overhead cost as small as possible. Instead we focus on the product:



20% to 40% less than at a traditional jeweller

The advantages of our electronic connection to diamond exchanges are straight-forward. Take a shortcut and do not engage in old cost structures:

Diamant Agentur

Market price: 1,000 Euro

Our price: 1,200 Euro

Traditional Juweller

Market price: 1,000 Euro

middle man

inventory costs

shop costs

Old price: 2,000 Euro

Buying diamonds in numbers

If the market price of a diamond is 1,000 Euro a traditional jeweller may sell it for 2,000 Euro. Due to his high cost structure including shop personal and rent, middle men margins, security and insurance costs, etc. he has to demand high premiums on every diamond sold.

Diamant Agentur has a more efficient cost structure and our business model passes these savings on to the customer. Therefore we can sell the same diamond already for only 1,200 Euro.