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The external features of a diamond

that are usually caused by polishing as part of the cut process relate to a diamond´s polish.

  • In most cases the polish features are only visible at 10x magnification and at a certain angle
  • All diamonds show external features. The only exception are diamond with a clarity grade of “FL”
  • The most common polish features are naturals and polish lines

The different polish grades are

Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair/Poor

Polish features

that are considered in the evaluation of a diamond´s polish grade

Feature                                 Explanation
Polish lines               
White to transparent, parallel lines. They do not stretch over one facet.
White, curved or straight and usually single line.
Surface mark that shows tiny scratches or pits along a facet edge.
Small opening that looks like a white dot.
Tiny chip with no visible depth. A nick usually occurs at the culet or at the edge of the facets
Extra facet
The number of facets can differ in case the cutter decides to create an extra facet. This is done in order to increase the clarity or polish grade by removing for example a polish feature
To save weight the cutter leaves part of the rough diamond uncut. This usually occurs around the girdle.
Burn mark
Whitish haze on a facet caused by excessive heat while polishing.
Polish grade                Explanation
None to very few, minute polish features that are difficult to notice at 10x magnification. Clartiy grade „FL“ does not show any polish features.
Very good
Tiny polish features are visible under 10x magnification
Under 10x magnification polish features are easily visible. The „luster“ and appear of the diamond can be affected.
Heavy polish features that will affect the overall appearance of the diamond.

Examples of polish lines

Examples of naturals