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Platinum Diamond Rings

Platinum is a special noble material that is prone to be used in jewelry manufacturing: It is very resistant to corrosion, harder and heavier than gold and doesn´t influence the color of the diamond like settings made of yellow gold. Platinum does not tarnish. And compared to the white gold alloys of 18K that contain 75% of fine gold, our platinum rings strike with a 95-96% composition of pure platinum. Just like gold is declared in pro mill (750) platinum rings wear a stamp of 950.


The precious material platinum is more expensive than gold. For a few reasons: Platinum is about 30 times rarer than gold. In addition to that it is more difficult to work on which increases labor cost. Gold has a melting point at 1064 degrees, platinum however, melts only above 1772 degrees. This temperature cannot be reached by standard gold smith equipment. The more expensive labor and equipment as well as the necessary expertise make platinum more expensive than gold.