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White Gold Diamond Rings

The most popular gold alloy is white gold. In order to achieve this color tone silver and palladium is used to neutralize the original color shade. Back in the days nickel was used as well, however its use is forbidden by EU laws today due to its potential for allergic reactions. In addition white golden rings are rhodanized which is a means of ennoblement to finish and round up the desired white gold color tone. The layer of rhodium improves the durability and hardness of the jewelry and adds the fine shiny silver color.

Buy diamond rings in white gold

with 4, 5 or 6 prongs


Advantages of white gold

  • Does not oxidize like silver
  • Does not influence the color of a diamond as much as yellow gold
  • Great understatement just like platinum
  • Less expensive than platinum
  • Diamant Agentur sells 18K white gold with 14% of palladium

History of white gold

Even though today white gold is the most popular variation of gold used in jewelry the material itself is rather new: Gold used in jewelry or ritual items dates back about 6.000 years. White gold on the other side has been used only since the beginning of the 20. century.