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Care & Storage

Our beautiful diamond jewelry should accompany you for many years to come. In order for you to continue taking pleasure and joy in wearing it for a long time we have assembled a few tips on how to maintain and care your treasures.

Diamond is the hardest natural material on earth. And yet jewelry has a delicate structure that one should take into consideration: Nudging, getting caught, pressure or otherwise influencing the precious goods can cause damage and should be avoided. You should take off your jewelry when washing your hands, while working or being engaged in household acitvities. Also, while swimming in a pool or in the ocean, exercising or riding your bike it is recommended not to wear the precious goods. Think about it this way: You would not do an oil change for your car wearing an Armani suit either.

Frequent care maintains the beauty of your diamond. Brilliance and fire can flower out to its maximum if the stone is clean. Skin cream, parfume, cosmetics, hair spray, powder or nail polish should be avoided. Always put your jewelry on after make-up and styling products. As outlined in the article about diamond facts and myths, diamonds repell water and adheres to grease. This feature comes in handy in the production and sorting process of diamonds. In everyday life however, this means that diamonds attract beauty cremes and therefore should be cleaned frequently.

For proper cleaning place the diamond jewelry for about 15 minutes in warm water and clean the ring with the stone afterwards with a soft brush. If you like you can add soap. Make sure you also clean the back of the setting. Once finished you can leave the jewelry to dry on a soft towel and may give it a final polish with a jewelry cleaing cloth in the end.

Make sure to always hold the ring by its setting and by its head. We also recommend to always use a soft underlay that in case the ring is dropped it does not get damaged.

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