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Our Philosphy

Buying diamonds

We want to make something easy that may seem complicated to many at first glance. It´s about the one question that will change the life of two people in the long run. On the other hand it is about the investment in a diamond ring. Both is something you do not do every day. And we are here to help and facilitate.

Save time

Our experience helps you in your decision making. Our access to the international diamond trade allows us to buy the right diamond at the right price for you- regardless if it is in Antwerp, Hong Kong or Tel Aviv. The expertise that we offer makes up for the traditional inbalance in knowledge between a jeweller and a client. Our belief: The informed customer makes the better buying decision.

No advertisement

Instead of investing in expensive ad campaigns or marketing targeted at persuading people to buy we believe in convincing people with facts and education. Hence, we invest a lot of time and money in our education section, blog and especially the YouTube channel. Also there we do not allow ad placement. Yet, we acquire customers that find us on their search for information on diamonds.

Convincing, not persuading

On our website we concentrate on the product. We focus on diamonds and diamond jewelry only. That is why you will not find pictures of women that present our jewelry on our homepage. Diamonds are our passion - a very special gift of nature and a great product. At the same time we strive for an objective-professional approach to  diamonds and refrain from the traditional jeweller sales sweet talk.

Social support

While not spending money on ads we do invest and support in things that are important to us and that we see also as important for society, the city or comunity. One of these causes is our support and sponsorship of the Frankfurt 1880 sports club.