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Pawn Loan For Diamonds

Pawn loan for diamonds and diamond jewelry

Connected to international diamond exchanges we know about the current diamond prices and market situation. This allows us to give you up-to-date information and furthermore we can determine the exact time value of your diamonds and diamond jewelry. Value assessment is the basis for our unbureaucratic pawn loans. Many use the convenient short term credit to bridge a gap in liquidity. The diamonds and jewelry in your safe help you in this matter. Being a private pawn shop we work on appointments only. We take time for your, evaluate your precious goods and make you an unbinding offer. You don´t have to go to a public pawn shop standing in a "pawn cabin" and making fast decisions. We sit down in our office, give you advice and work with 100% transparency and great terms and conditions.

What you can pawn

Loose diamonds
  • with certificate
  • without certificate
  • all shapes
  • different qualities

  • Diamond jewelry
  • Gold jewelry
  • Antique jewelry
  • Bracelets, collier, rings, chains and pendants, etc.


Pawn loose diamonds

Pawn rings


Pawn bracelets