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Pawn Loan for vehicles

Pawn your sports car, oldtimer, SUV or other precious items

We help you out with short term liquidity: Pawn your credit-worthy cars, oldtimer or other items. As a private pawn shop we give you excellent rates. Benefit from our individual offers and professional consultation. Contact us today and make an appointment. We will evaluate you pawn and need for credit in our office in Oberursel. You don´t need to rush into any decision, however, once made you can get money the same day if necessary.

We accept as pawn

High-value cars
  • New cars (also commercial clients)
  • SUV, sports car, luxury car
  • Oldtimer
  • All other credit-worthy vehicles/items

Other credit-worthy items
  • Motor cycle
  • Industrial goods, farming goods, etc.
  • Airplanes, ship, real estate


Pawn high-value cars

Pawn oldtimer


Pawn other items