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Precious Metals

What is your style?

Which gold color should you choose? What fits the best? 7 out of 10 gold rings today are sold in white gold. Pure gold in its natural state is too soft to be used in jewelry. A gold ring or a gold necklace made of pure gold would easily scratch and wear out. That is why fine gold is mixed to a certain percentage with other metals. These mixtures are called alloys.

Our standard is the highest gold alloy used in jewelry in Europe: 18 Karat

Gold alloys - 18 Karat or 750?

The majority of all new jewelry today wear a hallmarking that often comes in three digits. This stamp gives information about the gold alloy used in the piece of jewelry, i.e. the percentage of fine gold. For instance, 750 gold is an alloy in which 750 out of 1000 parts are pure gold, i.e. 75% of the material is fine gold. The same goes for the hallmarkings 333 and 585: The alloy mix contains 33% and 58,5% pure gold, respectively.

You can also find the following hallmarkings engraved in the gold: 8kt, 14kt oder 18k Karat (K18) in variation also as 14C or 18C where C stands for Carat. They all relate to the metric Karat (Carat) that up until today is used to describe the percentage of fine gold within a gold alloy. The numbers relate to the 24 parts of a whole: 18 Karat gold means 18 out of 24 parts are gold - 75%. Accordingly, 14kt is 14/24 which is 58,5% and 8kt describes 8/24 - 33% fine gold.

White Gold Diamond Ring

Almost 70% of all jewelry lovers wear it. There are many advantages: White gold does not oxidize like silver and does not influence the color of the diamond like yellow gold. It serves as a great understatement similar to platinum.

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Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

The original eye catcher is jewelry certainly is the yellow gold ring. The special color of the material is used for thousands of years in jewelry. Yellow gold is a symbol for luxury and rarity alike. Different cultures like different styles or designs, however, everybody like the unique golden shine of a material with limited availability.

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Rosé Gold Diamond Ring

Set your own course and be different. That is the statement of rosé gold jewelry. A modern alternative to the classic white or yellow gold look of most jewelry. By adding copper to the gold alloy the different shades of red or rosé gold are achieved.

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Platinum Diamond Ring

Rarer, purer and harder than gold. The processing is more difficult which makes Platinum more expensive in jewelry. But just like white gold it does not oxidize, neither does it influence the color of the diamond. An understatement with a special touch.

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