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Selling Gold

Selling gold - fair and transparent

You own old gold jewelry that you don´t wear anymore? At Diamant Agentur you can exchange it quickly to cash at fair and transparent prices. We also buy gold coins and gold bars. Professional advice and consultation before selling are the basics for our customer service. Without walk-in customers and pressure to make a decision we estimate the value of your jewelry at no cost in our office rooms. We explain how diamond prices are made and also help out just with a second opinion if you need one.

Gold price

Traditionally the gold price is stated per fine ounce (31.1 grams) and compared in this unit. It is also the benchmark for most gold coins used as an investment. Gold with a purity grade of 999.9 out of 1000 is called fine gold. Gold coins like the famous Krugerrand are often alloyed - the fine gold is mixed with other metals in order to increase the coins´hardness. The typical Krugerrand coin weighs 33,93 grams and contains 91,67% pure gold - that is exactly one fine ounce of gold.

Current gold price per ounce (31.1 grams):

We buy fine gold:
2 Euro/gram below the spot rate

The gold sport rate is a price at which you can neither buy nor sell gold. Kurgerrand gold coins (1 ounce) are usually sold at a trading margin of about 3%. Production and coining costs as well as transportation and storage costs etc. are not calculated in it. The best price we can offer you for fine gold is two euros below the spot rate. Old gold like broken or damaged jewelry that need to be melted and separated from the metal alloys achieve a lesser price per gram because the costs of the processing and melting are included.

We buy

Gold jewelry of any kind
  • all alloys (750, 585, 333, 916, fine gold)
  • Gold necklace, gold bracelet, gold ring, etc.
  • Old and broken jewelry

Bars and coins
  • all alloys
  • all sizes (1kg, 500g, 100g, 50g, etc.)
  • all kind: Krugerrand, Maple Leaf, Britannia, Kaiser Wilhelm, Kangaroo, Philharmoniker, Eagle, 100 Euro gold coin, 1 Mark, Liberty, Sovereign, etc.


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Sell gold bars

Gold price history

The interactive graph below lets you browse historic gold prices data and follow the past trends. The graph shows the price for one fine ounce gold (31.1 grams). We can show you the historical price development, however, forecasts for the future and upcoming trends would be speculation. It is like dealing with stocks: One says the stock price will fall, the other says it will rise. One is right today, the other tomorrow. Future forecasts are speculation.

Historical Gold Chart by