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Selling Jewelry

How to sell gold and diamond jewelry?

You own old jewelry and would like to get a professional opinion regarding its current market value for free? Maybe you intend to sell what you have inherited or don´t wear anymore, however, first you would like to seek advice and get informed regarding the value of gold and diamonds? Or you might just want to get a second opinion. We are the ones to talk to. Call us or make an appointment - we are looking forward to hearing from you.
At Diamant Agentur you will find guidance and expertise. We also issue diamond and jewelry appraisals for insurances, inheritance or sales research.

Selling gold

We buy investment gold, inherited gold jewelry or diamond jewelry that you don´t use anymore. Especially for larger inheritances or estates we are the ones to talk to: We can evaluate the quality and current market value of your diamonds and make a suitable offer based on it. You don´t have to sell the gold and diamonds separately. We buy gold based on daily updated prices. For fine gold you pay tiny profit margin, for gold alloys and old jewelry that needs to be melted and purified we pass on those costs which are calculated into the buying price. 100% transparency and fair prices. No surprises and no experiments. More information

Selling diamonds

Through our expert knowledge in diamonds and our connection to international diamond exchanges we always have the current market overview.  We know what goods you can buy at what prices in the diamond trade and we base our own buying prices on this data. Because there is no spot rate for diamond prices like there is for the gold price we compare the current prices according to the diamond quality that we are offered to buy. The market prices for new certified diamonds are the basis for our offer. More on this


We offer

  1. Free expert advice
  2. Making an offer to buy your jewelry
  3. Assistance in selling your jewelry in the trade or to private customers
  4. Trade-in of your old jewelry when buying new from us
  5. Complete transparency of our calculation – we explain you how prices are made in the jewelry industry
As specialists for diamonds and diamond jewelry we surely can help you with your wish - and in case we would not be able to - we will be able to point you in the right direction.
If you are interested, we will show you how to use a loupe or check your own diamond through our microscope in order to better understand the details. 

We believe:

Appraising and understanding your diamond or diamond jewelry is the first step to fair trade

Gold prices
Stand: 22.03.2018

999 / Fine gold
32.99 €/gram
750 / 18 Karat
15.63 €/gram
585 / 14 Karat
12.16 €/gram
333 / 8 Karat
6.98 €/gram