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Expect from us

Expect 4 things when you shop at Diamant Agentur

1. Know what you are buying

Talk directly to a diamond grader or learn on your own in our education section: You will find everything you need to know about diamonds and how to choose yours.

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2. Always the best

Our connection to international diamond exchanges in Antwerp, New York, Mumbai and Tel Aviv allows us to offer a much greater selection than traditional jewellers. You always choose the best among all options in a worldwide supply. Do not compromise in your selection.

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3. Neutral advice - 100%

We do not hold inventory and therefore have no diamonds that we need to sell. Our advice is completely independent - only your preferences matter.

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4. Value for money

A beautiful diamond does not have to be expensive. We pass on our savings due to not having to maintain a shop or a large diamond inventory. You get more diamond for your money.

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