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What we do best

Buying diamonds directly from the diamond exchange

1. Expert advice & deciding what is right for you

2. Buying the diamond in the international trade

3. Quality control by our diamond graders

4. Delivery coordination

5. Receiving your package

Ordering process

  1. The first step is getting expert advice at our website or directly from one of our diamond graders. We believe that the informed customer makes a better buying decision. At Diamant Agentur you simply get more diamond for your money.
  2. At the international diamond trading centers in Antwerp, New York, Tel Aviv, Mumbai or Hong Kong be buy your perfect diamond. Our expertise is your guarantee for quality. Important: Precious stones are sold very fast at the diamond exchanges. That is why we need to check the availability of your diamond and will inform immediately after receiving your request and talking to our international partners.
  3. All of our diamonds are certified by independent international gemological institutes: GIA, HRD, IGI. Upon arrival in Germany our diamond grader checks your diamond a second time. In case the precious stone is set in a ring the jewelry is checked a third time after setting before it leaves our office.
  4. The insured delivery will be coordinated at your convenience and you receive your previous package the day after.


Communication is key in our company philosophy. We inform you about the receipt of your order as well as your payment. The delivery date is set according to your schedule and using the tracking number you will always know where your parcel is located. We want to keep you updated at any stage and are always available for your questions.